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Post by sn » 22 Sep 2011, 21:24


Video 1/6
This introductory video highlights the near-impossibility of delivering consistent SPL's and frequency response using traditional line arrays. It explains how achieving this is the driving rationale behind Martin Audio's MLA Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array and gives a brief overview of the MLA system.
MLA is a revolutionary touring system that uses intelligent software to control the individual DSP and onboard amplifiers of up to 144 array cells for unprecedented coverage consistency.
An explanation of how MLA solves consistency and set-up issues by combining cellular array design with intelligent optimisation software. This enables the engineer's mix to be translated throughout the audience with a degree of precision, consistency and repeatability not possible from traditional line arrays.
'Beyond Line Array' shows how MLA departs from traditional line array thinking to achieve unprecedented coverage consistency. With software control of up to 144 individual cells in an array, MLA delivers a phase-coherent wavefront at the listener's ears -- not immediately in front of the array itself, as advocated by early line array proponents.
Since it is impractical to measure hundreds of array configurations in every venue to see which works best, an accurate acoustic model is essential. This video shows how Martin Audio's Boundary Element Method (BEM) research has given a new insight into how arrays really work and is key to the accuracy of MLA's optimisation process.
Until now, arrays were configured by trial-and-error - both in terms of the array's physical shape and the electronic presets used. This video shows how MLA's intelligent optimisation reverses the process - the engineer starts with what he wants to hear and the software determines the array configuration and DSP settings automatically.
It's not often that a new touring system comes along that resets the boundaries of what is achievable - a system that is revolutionary rather than evolutionary. MLA is NOT normal. This video summarises the technology behind MLA, illustrated with on-the-road examples of how MLA sets a new paradigm for live sound systems.

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